PART specializes in validation and resolution for families needing help with paranormal problems.  We are here to help anyone who truly believes they have a negative paranormal situation.  We respect your privacy and do not release any evidence from your case without your written permission.  We offer our services free of charge. 


PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS: Our Case Manager will conduct a phone interview prior to scheduling an investigation.  A walk-through of the property will also be completed prior to the investigation.  Permission from the current property owner must be obtained in writing prior to any investigation.  Only the affected immediate family or people may be present during an investigation.  We prefer as few people present as possible since this can affect the results of the investigation.  No drugs or alcohol is permitted during an investigation.  Most investigations last from 4 to 8 hours based on the size of the property, location and activity.  We use various equipment and choose what we use based on the needs of each investigation.  For more information, click the equipment page.  We take our time to complete a thorough data review which can take up to 2 weeks.  We will share our findings with you and come to a conclusion and offer a possible resolution.  Evidence is presented in DVD or CD form.  For more information on our group, please see our code of conduct and member by-laws. We suggest you read our FAQ page prior to contacting us as this may answer some of your questions. 

Founding Members: Dale, Lucy, Kelly & Jim 

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