In this section, you can read comments sent to PART by past clients. PART always strives to provide professional and courteous service to all those who ask for our services, as these clients know firsthand:

The PART team came out to our house and did an investigation and did a great job. We have had two other teams come out and were disappointed with their handling of the situation.  The PART team was very thorough during the investigation and very helpful before and after the investigation.  I would definitely recommend them to to anyone having paranormal issues. Their communication and review was/has been awesome.

Thomas N. 

Paranormal Answers Research Team came into our home and answered our questions when we needed help.  I was convinced that there was something haunting our family. The team was extremely helpful, caring, very professional and gave me and my family a new way of thinking.  The support from the team was better than you'll find from similar organizations.  I definitely recommend this team to anyone in need of a paranormal investigation.   

Thank you for everything you have done for our family.  God Bless your organization.

David B. 

I would definitely recommend PART to anyone needing help with paranormal issues. The team was professional, knowlegeable and courteous.   I was amazed with what they were able to pick up with the different presences in my home.  The  evidence of my cat, best friend and father being in my home was wonderful to have verified.

Thank you!

Susie P.