2013 Investigations:                                         Private Residences            Businesses                   Local Legends

♦Auburn                                  ♦Roads Hotel                    ♦Electric Bridge
♦Union Street                         ♦Prospect Place           
♦Pilgrim Drive                        ♦Round Barn Inn
♦Anemone Lane                     ♦Wood Carvers 
♦Noblesville                           ♦Wood Carvers Revisited
♦Indianapolis East Side        ♦Old Jail & Sheriff's Residence                        
We respect the privacy of our clients and release evidence only with written consent.                               


The Historic Roads Hotel   Atlanta, IN          December 6, 2013                               

This historic hotel located less than an hour north of Indianapolis has been a hotel, brothel and "speak easy".  We collected some incredible "Class A" EVP's  during our visit.   We also see a light anomaly in one room and experience some very loud footsteps when it was confirmed that no one else was around to make them.                                         CONCLUSION: PARANORMALLY  ACTIVE  Click the image to view investigation»


Private Investigation Auburn, IN                     November 9, 2013

In this private residence investigation we captured intelligent responses from both EVP sessions and ghost box sessions.  We get a disembodied growl in the living room. One of our camcorders shuts off in the hallway after massive battery drain.  Disembodied voices in the hallway.  We also have a fine example of "coupling" where we capture on IR camera a black shadow as it moves out of a closet and touches one of our investigators, then darts back into the closet and verifies "It is me" as an evp.

CONCLUSION:  Paranormally Active 

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Prospect Place  Trinway, OH                         November 2, 2013

At this famous historic location that has been featured on other TV paranormal shows we experienced footsteps, disembodied voices and even a light anomaly which hovers around Kelly.


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Wood Carvers Revisited                                   October 26, 2013

After getting impressive evidence on our first visit, we returned to Wood Carvers to further investigate the second and third floors. We weren't disappointed with unexplained shadows, extremely intelligent ghost box responses and excellent EVP's.


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Private Investigation Union St.                         October 19, 2013

We were asked to investigate this currently empty home after years of reported activity such as   apparitions, footsteps and people being pushed.  The house had no power so we set up our IR cameras and DVR via a generator.  The generator which had been working fine failed three times in less than 20 minutes so we relied on our three night vision camcorders.  The camcorder upstairs shut off in the attic twice.   We moved it into an adjoining bedroom where it shut off three more times. Each time it ran for less than a minute and the audio cut out 10-15 secs. before the picture.  We moved this camcorder downstairs and it functioned fine.  We ended up taking another Sony camcorder upstairs which ran fine without any problems.   We could find no explanation for our equipment failure.  We captured some interesting evp's.


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CONCLUSION:  Unexplained 

Round Barn Inn                                                  October 12, 2013

We were contacted by the client to document any current paranormal activity and see if we can identify who might be present.  Past activity included voices and shadows.   PART set up 4 IR Cameras and 3 night vision camcorders throughout the buildings on the property.  After reviewing all areas monitored we did gather a few EVP’s.  We had KII interaction for 9 minutes to “yes” and “no” questions.  We were unable to capture any shadows or other anomalies. 

We did have very high EMF readings  in the middle of the inn that ranged from  4.0 – 9.1 mGs.  We believe these to be bleeding into the main living space from the basement.  The basement readings were 11.7-14.2-56.9 mGs creating what we would call a Fear Cage effect.

Although we were able to document some activity, we feel this does not identify the location as haunted.  We cannot be certain who responded to the “yes” and “no” questions without other supportive data. 


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Private Residence Pilgrim Drive                        September 14, 2013

We were contacted by the client to document possible paranormal phenomena.  A close family member had passed several years ago and four years ago was when activity seemed more prevalent ranging from the ceiling fan turning on by itself, the bedroom TV changing channels on its own and toys going off in the attic.  They still experience possible muffled voices in the house, quarters showing up on furniture in the garage and lights in the kitchen not turning on. 

PART monitored and investigated all rooms with previous possible phenomena. While it is possible that there was once activity, we were unable to verify any current activity.  We did not pick up any anomalies on video or audio.  We did experience shadows which when we reviewed our video these were ruled to be large shadows cast by moths flying in front of our illuminators.  A faulty  contact in the light switch was suspected to be the reason for the kitchen lights not working. We used quarters as trigger objects and marked their locations with blue tape.  No trigger objects moved.  The toy that went off in the living room (not the same toy that they had witnessed hearing) was triggered when we turned on our flashlights.  It is possible that the toys in the attic were motion or light sensitive; however, we did not have those toys trigger.

 Photo #2 see moth shadow above "R" in paranormal

 CONCLUSION:  Explained


Wood Carvers Building (Woodcarver's Club)           August 3, 2013          

The Wood Carvers Building was the previous home to the Odd Fellows Lodge.  The Odd Fellows founded the town cemetery.  The Undertaker's Building was once next door and had direct access from the second floor. The Odd Fellows later added the third floor for their Grand Hall.  Supposedly, their initiation ceremony included having the inductee  get inside a coffin with a real skeleton.   We captured most of our evidence on the second floor which included loud disembodied voices in the hallway close to the stair case.  We are uncertain if this is a residual haunting which would support the claim of  two females arguing in the second floor  hallway.  We also caught some amazing light anomalies that seem to intelligently interact with investigators. We had dramatic K-ll interaction when we held up a medallion found under the floorboard by one of the occupants.   


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 CONCLUSION:  Paranormally Active


Old Jail & Sheriff's Residence     Noblesville, IN         June 29, 2013   

We were invited to investigate the historic Old Jail and Sheriff's Residence in Noblesville, Indiana which is rumored to be haunted.  We were able to capture creepy footsteps, knocks and EVP's that were direct intelligent responses to questions and other things said by investigators.  We capture what some say are apparition "hands" manifesting at the foot of the staircase.  The girls react to a scary moment and Rick gets "pushed"!

CONCLUSION:  Paranormally Active  

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Private Investigation Anemone Lane                           May 24, 2013

The homeowner wanted to verify voices of relatives she heard in her home.  We also attempted to capture the presence of a cat since she kept the ashes in an urn in her curio cabinet.  We do mention some light play during the investigation but dismissed it during evidence review due to headlights from cars. 



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Private Investigation     Noblesville, IN                    April 27, 2013

We joined our friend Rick Hodge and Anderson Spirit Seekers & Paranormal Research on this joint investigation.  A family member was concerned that there was negative or possibly demonic activity taking place inside this home.  Past history included a "Satan" image found drawn on a bedroom floor after the house had been vacant.  Friends of the family had experienced their hair being pulled and numerous voices were heard.


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Indianapolis East Side Residence                               April 6, 2013

We came in response to reports of shadows and one sighting of a female apparition.  One report was a door supposedly opened and shut on its own and a shadow was seen going down the hallway.

CONCLUSION:  ONGOING                                         We captured many intelligent evp's, but were unable to get supportive evidence.

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Private Investigation Muncie, IN BSU Student Apt. March 30, 2013

We were asked to investigate an off-campus student apartment where three students thought they were experiencing paranormal activity.


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Private Investigation  Knightstown, Indiana          March 16, 2013

We were contacted by a realtor listing a home for sale asking us to find evidence of or disprove paranormal activity in this home.  While we found logical explanations for some reports, we also were able to gather both audio and visual evidence displayed here that suggests there may be activity in the home.


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Private Investigation Bosart Ave., Indianapolis     March 10,2013

We were asked by the purchasers of this home to investigate due to paranormal activity in their present home.  They wanted to be certain that nothing followed them to this location and that nothing was currently present in this house which was built in the 1940's.  You will hear EVP responses from "Peter" which verify that no other spirits were in the home.


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Electric Bridge            Shelbyville, Indiana          February 9, 2013     

We drove through creepy "Werewolf Hollow" to visit the Electric Bridge.  This was the first time we encountered a domestic disturbance going on during an investigation.                       CONCLUSION:  EXPLAINED.  The report of being able to light a fluorescent light bulb appeared to be true.  We could not validate any haunting.  

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Private Investigation McCordsville, Indiana              January 12, 2013

We were looking for evidence of two spirits in this McCordsville, Indiana home.  The first was a young boy and the second was a negative entity responsible for some unpleasant experiences.  We used both a night vision DVR camera and a full spectrum HD on tripods and  focused them on the stairwell where a full body apparition had been previously seen.  Our results were a good example of coupling where visual evidence and audio evidence happen simultaneously and support each other.  Our full spectrum HD camera captured a large dark shadow that moves quickly past the stairs.  All members were accounted for in the living room.  We also found two light anomalies in addition to our EVP's and disembodied voices.                             CONCLUSION:  PARANORMALLY ACTIVE 



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