2012 Investigations:                                           Private Residences            Businesses                      Local Legends

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Browse Awhile Books                                     December 8, 2012    

Up to 15 spirits have been reported  to haunt this location including a cat and a former owner of a hardware store that was in the same building.  Due to the amount of evidence collected, we will be releasing this in three parts. There is adult language in the evp's. Click the image  below to view our findings which include some very interesting  evp's in part one in the History Room.


The basement had the most paranormal activity that we have ever encountered.  Our findings in the basement are included in part three.


  Click the image above to view part two where something scares Lucy and Kelly in the Mystery Room.


Click the image below to view part three to witness a spirit attack, unexplained light anomalies and more.


November Q & A - Interview with a Ghost       November 3, 2012

This was an experiment where we were able to successfully interview several spirits.   We explain briefly how we met Peter and Bob.  We are aware that not all of the evp's we collected are "class A."  However, we are presenting this in its unedited form.  Click the image on the right to view our interview.


Plantation Club aka Casio's                              October 28, 2012

The  legend of the Blue Lady who supposedly still haunts the property that was the Plantation Club and later Casio's was too much to resist.  Talk of John Dillinger making his escape out secret tunnels, the Al Capone shoot out in front of the speakeasy and the death of a prostitute are small pieces of its shady past history.  We worked with local historians and literally dug through archives to research the history of this location.  We were able to capture some interesting evp's.


Click the image to view our investigation» 


Kitley-King Cemetery                                    September 29, 2012 

We investigated the Kitley-King Cemetery at the request of a friend whose house is close  to this location.   Local legend claims that the young boy John was hit by a train and still haunts the area playing his harmonica.               CONCLUSION:  EXPLAINED.  The moon was full and fog was drifting across the lower edge of the field across from the cemetery.  Picture perfect night for a good ghost story.   Our results did not indicate this location was haunted by John W. King.  We were unable  to capture any electronic voice phenomena,  shadow or light anomaly. There was no increase in EMF or temperature change.  Street traffic created light to reflect off the trees and car radios were as close as we came to a harmonica.  Due to our findings, we did not produce a project video. 



Melody Inn Investigation  Indianapolis, IN   September 16, 2012        

We were invited to the Melody Inn to see if we could document any paranormal activity ranging from voices and shadows to a full body apparition.  We were able to validate many of the employees paranormal experiences-both audio and visual.


Click the image to view the evidence» 







Private Investigation  Skokie, IL                    August 25, 2012

We captured some very impressive EVP's at this private residence just north of Chicago.  We were asked to investigate after a number of possible paranormal events including a chandelier that fell from the ceiling onto a bed.


Click the image to view the evidence» 




Private Investigation Churchman Ave, Beech Grove, IN June 9, 2012 

The homeowners asked us to investigate their Beech Grove home to verify the possibility of two spirits.  Reported activity included a full body apparition of a lady seen looking at herself in the bathroom mirror.   This mirror had been relocated by one of the homeowners into a bedroom where  shadows and other activity had been reported.    Was the lady spirit here because she appeared to not understand she was dead?  Was she looking for her husband?  View our evidence and you decide for yourself!     CONCLUSION:  ONGOING.  We were unable to capture any visual evidence; however, we did find plenty of interesting evp's.

  ♦Click  the above image  to view evidence.


Ivory Tolle House   Lebanon, IN                             April 21, 2012

Ivory C. Tolle was born December 4, 1878 in Brownsburg, Indiana.  He married Martha Arbuckle in Brownsburg in 1898.  Mr. Tolle was made a Master Mason at Brownsburg Lodge No. 241 in 1900.  In 1905 he affiliated with Boone Lodge No. 9 in Lebanon.  He was created Knight Templar in Lebanon in 1911.  Mr. Tolle held the position of Grand Lecturer of the Grand Lodge of Indiana for almost 29 years.  He was the Boone County coroner 1909 - 1910.  He was secretary for the Indiana Funeral Directors' Association 1910 - 1912 and president in 1913. 

During our investigation, we asked Mr. Tolle about the boating accident that happened in 1909. The boat capsized - throwing Mr. Tolle and his friend, Fred Graves,  into the extremely fast moving water.  Graves went under while trying to reach the bank.  Tolle was unconscious at the time of his rescue.


  CLICK the image below to view evidence.  CONCLUSION:  ONGOING.  We captured some good   EVP evidence. Our camcorder and IR light both had   battery drain. The camera seemed to be trying to     focus on something passing in front of it.  Warning:   one of  the EVP's does contain profanity.