Kelly Massey: Founder & Lead Investigator


Kelly grew up reading Edgar Alan Poe, Charles Dickens and Jane Austen and watching Scooby Doo. Her interests include horticulture and metaphysics. Kelly can empathize with anyone living with paranormal events after experiencing many personal events herself.   "Some individuals want a haunting so badly that they believe everything that occurs around them must be a ghost. Sometimes we rule out paranormal activity. But for those who we can document and validate their experiences, we work to help those individuals feel comfortable living in their homes again."       

Case Manager:  Rick Hodge

Rick is raises snakes and lizards rescues bats.  "What got me interested in ghost hunting was an experience  back when I was 24 years while visiting my grandparents at their old farmhouse.  While I was laying in bed upstairs, I heard what sounded like the front door open and close and the venetian blind slap against the door. Then I heard three footsteps come up the stairs followed by a woman's voice crying for about six seconds and then complete silence. Nobody was up and about in the house so we figured it was my great great aunt Mec. She and her husband had built the house back in the 1800's.     

Investigator & Researcher:  Sarah Dehn

Sara is a passionate animal rescuer and veterinary technician.  She created EARPS, an all exotic animal rescue, with 40 other volunteers.  Sarah likes to spend time with her husband and pets, watching movies, reading and playing video games.  What got her interested in the paranormal? "Curiosity . . . I always want to know the how and why of things."  

Tech Manager:  Gabe Dehn

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Tech Asst/Investigator:  Michael Gerholdt

Michael enjoys reading renaissance and sci-fi books and golfing.  Mike is a numismatist with a particular interest in American coins. He is a graduate of Indiana University school of nursing and holds a position as a registered nurse in a downtown Indianapolis hospital. Before he discovered his love for helping others, he was a Sergeant in the United States Army Infantry for about four years.  "My interest in the paranormal sparks from religious beliefs.  What happens after we die? Does our soul/energy stay or go?" 

Investigator:  Rob Freet



Investigator:  Damon Massey

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Investigator:  Bert Everhart


Guest Investigator:  Lola Carter

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