During the COVID pandemic many people are spending more time in their home. Pops and creaks occur as their home warms up or cools down.  A door slams shut as the heater kicks on.  Suddenly the sound of footsteps and voices echo down the hall when nobody else is home.  A rational person thinks what are some reasonable things that could be causing this? When there are no other explanations then maybe something else is going on? Paranormal experiences can be both good and bad. Some people appreciate the company of a ghost and other people are truly frightened.

Our group is doing formal investigations right now on a case-by-case basis during the pandemic, feel free to give us a call. We can consider our options if you are having a possible paranormal event that needs to be dealt with more urgently. Curious individuals can always talk to the ghost on your own! Sometimes acknowledging someone is there quiets the attention seeking ghost. Do not use a Ouija board for communication because that just causes more issues for us.

 PART, founded in 2011, is a highly skilled team of paranormal investigators. We believe in a skeptical scientific approach to investigating the unexplained. Our mission is to aid and assist any person, family, group or business who believes they are experiencing paranormal activity.  Our job is not only to document what you may be experiencing, but to assist you in dealing with whatever may be sharing your space for a good resolution to “both sides” whenever possible.  We offer our services free of charge.  


 All inquiries are confidential.


We strive to give helpful information. We acknowledge our advice may not reflect others viewpoints.  

Watch our Corydon video:          


The above video link shows something materialize on the hill!  Later we capture a shadow moving across the staircase!





 What does paranormal mean?

Simply stated paranormal is anything that is not normal and involves phenomena that has no scientific explanation.

If you are dealing with paranormal events in your home or business, start keeping a journal.  This will help to determine the frequency and significance of events and possible explanations.  Keep as much information as possible in your journal  such as the date and time of day and location where the event occurred.

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On a stormy Saturday before Halloween PART investigated Ross’ House in Indianapolis. Paranormal activity described by the occupants included bangs, voices, items disappearing, glass jars pushed off the middle of the kitchen counter, a heavy fireplace screen knocked over and a chair tipped back and lifted a foot high by the front legs. Our team heard intensely loud bangs and knocks that left us wondering what really was creating the noises? About 10:30 am Damon heard what sounded like a little girl speaking into his ear while standing outside. A flash of light appears after Kelly makes the request for something to appear as a bright light. We recorded intelligent responses from both spirit boxes. This included different team member names being spoken!