We briefly give information on three 2011 investigations.  The McCordsville investigation has an interesting video link.

Private Investigation  McCordsville, IN               October 2011


Jim and Kelly captured this light anomaly that resembles a "firefly" with an intelligent flight path. The wispy black shadow is seen in front of the blanket that is hanging down on the side of the bed both coming in and going out.  Click the image on the right. 




Hammond House II                                        October 22, 2011

This old family home had been vacant due to the fact that the previous renters had fled after significant paranormal phenomena.  The house didn't look creepy, but don't let that deceive you. Jim and Kelly learned after this investigation that spirits can follow you home.  We don't like to discuss the details.  Let's just say it was two months of chaos that almost made us change our minds about being paranormal investigators.                           

Round Barn Inn                                                  June 2011 

This was one of our early investigations (before we had t-shirts, business cards or a website!).  The best way to learn is to get out there and get your feet wet! Rick and Kelly were upstairs in the master suite when a shadow "figure" steps out from the wall and then pops back out of view.  Due to continued phenomena, we revisited this location October 12, 2013.